First I want to thank you for sharing your experience and being a resource for not only women but WOC. When I first received my diagnose I thought my life was over until I did a little research and came across your youtube channel. Your outlook, energy, and love for God shine so brightly it gave me courage and hope that I could live a life not feeling “trapped” by the status and stigma.

Secondly, talking with you last Tuesday about disclosing gave me the confirmation, confidence, and courage to share with the guy I am dating. Talking to you was surreal but comforting. I prayed before I told him - the same day we talked and outside of my nerves and own thoughts it went surprisingly well. He listened to what I said intently and then turned to me and said “Deanna you are such a phenomenal woman with so many great traits and characteristics and this does not take away from any of that or how I feel about you. I want to continue to date you if you will have me”.
— Deanna

Happy Clients


The session was really a helpful affirmation that though I am experiencing a life-changing situation, I will be just fine. Your spirit and energy are definitely an inspiration and you provided me with some great moral support.  Thanks again!


My appointment was very enlightening and helpful. I appreciate the words of encouragement.  Thank you again.


My appointment was FABULOUS, I really enjoyed the private conversation, Thank You very much will definitely plan another session , I do understand my test results. Thank You.


Thanks for reaching out and returning my call. It was nice chatting with you. You definitely motivated and re-assured me that I’m not alone on this journey. I look forward talking to you again.



I really appreciate you speaking with me. I feel like some pressure has been lifted. I really needed someone to talk to that has first hand experience with dealing with the matter. 


Everything went well when I shared my status with my guy. Thank you for prepping me and making me feel more comfortable to tackle this conversation. I will be setting up another appointment for you and I to discuss but I'm also going to set up a telephone conference with my guy.  He wants to learn more.  Again, thank you for obeying God and following his will for your life. Your obedience to your purpose/calling helps others like myself. :)  Appreciate you lady!! 


Speaking to you have really helped a-lot! Thank you for making me feel better and not alone in this situation. I was got the prescription for the medication. Please continue to do what you’re doing, you are helping women in more ways than one. Also, thanks for checking in, I really appreciate. Hope to talk to you soon!


It made me feel so much better having this conversation with you vs my so called doctor. I didn’t feel like a number or a statistic and this is something I’ve kept to myself for as long as I could but to finally talk about it made me not feel as alone and stressed out as I was before. I’ve had a few sleepless nights I’ve denied it but I did all that because I was afraid no one would like me, now I feel somewhat better and I have a new perspective I sincerely appreciate you.