How to Manage the Virus After

I know you’re freaking out. I know you’re in shock. I have herpes simplex virus or HSV. I know you can’t stop crying. I experience it all just 10 years ago after a sexual encounter with a guy in college. I just knew my life was over.

I was mad and sad at the same time. I didn’t believe I deserve to contract the virus. I just wanted to live my life without worrying about others. I know that sound bad, but I know you understand what I’m saying.


When it comes to managing your diagnosis it start with educating yourself about the virus. Most of us don’t know much about herpes prior to our diagnosis. Honestly that is sad because we know about the other STDs. Google will scare you at first, so make sure to seek out credible site such as

These site have the most updated information about herpes. I have found hidden information about the virus in different articles as well. Sometimes you will not get a direct answer to certain questions. That can be so frustrating. Schedule a Overcoming Session or Ask Your Question Session with me to get your question answered: Let’s Talk


After educating yourself join a support group with others with the virus. It help you reduce the feeling of being alone. We believe that we are the only person with the herpes. When you see others living with it and able to have a normal life. It give you hope. Most of herpes support groups are private. You have to know someone to be added. You can join these two:


It’s time to start forgive yourself that this happen. It’s hard to accept what you believe was your fault. The lack of knowledge hurt us all. The only want to prevent from contracting herpes is no sexual activity or kissing. Kissing happening with family members and friends.

Give yourself time to accept your herpes diagnosis. Many times you will believe that you will never accept it. Other times you totally forgot you have it until you meet someone. Just know you can manage after…

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