I Hate Living With HERPES

I been living with herpes for 10 years and still don’t want to live with it. I know I make it seem like I am ok with it. I have accepted myself with herpes.  I am completely confidence in who I am and know that herpes doesn’t change anything about me. I just wish that I never contracted the virus just like you. The day I seen my initial outbreak my life changed forever.

I still think about how a disclosure will turn out with new guys. I still get upset when I have a outbreak. I still hate negative comment about people with herpes. I am just like you.

I just make a decision daily to live my life spite what happen to me. Many times we forget that we experience some other bad things in our past and was able to get back on track living a normal life again. You became more aware and made better decisions after that experience. We have to treat contracting herpes the same way. Yes, I agree it different, but you been through some bad stuff tho. You survived it and accomplish your goals spite of.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have to move forward. You can’t allow herpes to keep you stuck. You still have to work, be a parent, be a partner, go to school, and etc. The only way for you to live a normal life with herpes is doing it. You can’t want a normal life again, but you stop talking to your friends, quit your job or school, or not doing what you like to do. That isn’t living a normal life. Yes, herpes is going to affect your life. You still can gain control over it and accomplish more than before.

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