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What is Shedding?

Shedding is active outbreak that present at the skin without any physical symptoms. You’re not aware when shedding occur. Shedding doesn’t happen all the time. Shedding is present before a outbreak and after a outbreak. It can last for a day, days, a hour, or hours. It’s not clearly stated by any creditable documents.

Can you pass the virus through Salvia,towels, TOILETS,Bathtubs,or Hot Tubs?

Herpes isn’t pass through towels, toilets, bathtubs, or hot tubs. The virus can’t living on surface long.

Herpes can be pass through salvia because it can carry the virus fluid from a outbreak in the mouth or on the lip. The chance of transmission is low.

What are the outbreak Triggers?

Triggers are stress, lack of sleep, chocolate, junk food, alcohol, nuts, or friction from sex, prolonged exposure to sunlight (facial or oral outbreaks), hormonal change (menstrual cycle), or being sick.

what are the list of herpes tests?

PCR-swab test of any cuts, blisters, sores.

IgG, IgM, and Western Blot-blood test that determine if you positive based on antibodies.

You ask for the blood test if you don’t have any symptoms at all. Western blot is best if you believe your test results was a false negative.

How do I prevent transmission?

You can prevent transmission by not having any skin to skin contact with physical outbreak. Use condoms or dental dams to reduce chance of shedding outbreaks

what are the herpes SYMPTOMS?

Herpes symptoms can be itching, tinging, vaginal discharge, arching body (legs, thighs), burning sensation, sores (look like paper cuts, blisters, pimples, skin rash) (location of sores, around nose, chin, cheek, on mouth, around mouth, inside mouth,butt,inner thigh, penis, vagina, anus,pubic hair area), swollen lymph nodes (neck or groin), headaches,painful urination, or sensation of pins and needles.

How to Reduce Transmission to your child (CHILDREN)?

The best way to reduce transmission to your child is to not kiss or share drinking with him/her when you have a oral outbreak ( inside or outside). When it comes to facial outbreaks make sure your child does come in contact with it.

Can I have Unprotected sex?

Yes, you can have unprotected sex after disclosing to your partner and having a conversation on how to reduce the transmission rate. You don’t have sex when you have any symptoms of a outbreak.

Will I contracted HIV because I have Herpes?

No, you will have to have sex with someone HIV for you to be at risk of contracting the virus. Herpes does increase your risk of contracting the HIV virus because the broken skin from the outbreaks can make it easier for acquire. Getting tested, asking your partner for their results, using condoms and PreP can reduce your chance.

Can you have a Vaginal Birth?

Yes, you can have a vaginal birth as long you don’t have a physical outbreak during delivery. If you do you will have to have a cesarean section.


In a relationship: Tell your partner about your symptoms right away. Don’t wait until you get tested start communication early to have support through it all. If scared, tell your partner that you want to the doctor because you was concern. You will state that I was told that my symptoms are Herpes. Watch my Disclosing Series on my Youtube channel

Potential relationship: Wait until you’re clear that you two want to establish a long-term relationship. Don’t wait no longer than a month if you two are still feeling each other out. Tell him/her I want to share something that happen in my past. Then go into telling your story leading up to your results and then share your status. It’s important to share a story and allow that person to process the information.

How to MANAGE my outbreaks?

You manage a outbreak with prescription medication from your doctor such as Acyclovir (Zovirax),famciclovir (Famvir), and Valacyclovir (Valtrex). You can mange with natural supplements and essential oils such as lysine, oregano oil, black seed oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lemon balm, witchhazel, vitamin c, or zinc. You can purchase in my Overcoming Store, major stores, or natural store.

How long do a outbreak last?

A initial outbreak can last up to 2 to 4 weeks. Recurring outbreaks can last up to a few days to 4 weeks. It depends on how fast you start treatment plan to speed up healing time.

Can You spread to other body parts?

Yes, you can spread the virus to other parts of your body. The virus is pass through skin to skin contact. The way to reduce that chance washing your hands with warm water and soap after touching affected area. Apply treatments with q-tips and cotton bags.

How to treat a child cold sore?

Give your child the prescription given by the doctor. You can apply essentials oils such as mixtures coconut oil and tea tree oil. You can apply Carmax and Blistex based on the proper age.

Can I Receive Oral Sex?

Yes, you can receive oral sex when you doesn’t have a physical genital outbreak. You can perform oral sex when you don’t have any physical outbreak.