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Overcoming the Stigma serve women and men living with herpes. We help these men and women to overcome the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of living with herpes.


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One-on-One Life Coaching, Courses, Ebooks, Events, Books, Events, and Online Support Group.

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Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a STI that caused by two types: herpes simplex virus Type 1 and herpes simplex virus Type 2. The virus is transmitted through kissing, sharing items that come in contact with outbreak secretions, oral sex, vaginal, and anal.

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Herpes 101

It can be fairly difficult to find accurate information about the virus. This section will provide you the answers to your questions.

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STD Life Coach Belize Spivey mission is to help individuals to overcome the stigma of herpes.


We take the stress out of understanding herpes. The services from one-on-one sessions/coaching, online support group, educational videos, monthly video conference, no pain no outbreak challenge, courses, and annual events provides the guide to living beyond the stigma of HERPES.

— STD Life Coach Belize Spivey

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